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Safety & Efficiency Tune-Ups

Annual tune-ups are an important part to your Heating & Cooling system's life. Having your system checked annually is recommended by manufacturers and are a requirement as part of most equipment warranties. Our tune-ups are indepth and we take our time to make sure your system is thoroughly checked and that any if we have any recommendations we will share them with you.

Important Note: There is no standards to what is considered a tune-up. Not all tune-ups are equal. We're proud to have one of the most thorough tune-ups in the area. Get the best value for your dollar with a tune-up from the Good Guys.

Gas Furnace/Boiler
Cleaning & Tune-Up

$124.00 Value
$25 OFF When you Schedule Online
  • Inspection of Burners
  • Inspection of Heat Exchanger
  • Checking CO Levels at Start-Up
  • Check HSI / Flame Sensor
  • Clean Burner Box
  • Check Electrical Wiring
  • Check Amp Draws on Motors
  • Check Safety Controls
  • Wipe Down Motor Assembly
  • Vacuum if Needed
  • Test Run Furnace
  • Gas Pressure Check
  • Check Temperature Rise
  • Check Thermostat
  • Clean Work Area
Includes FREE CO Test
Oil Furnace/Boiler
Cleaning & Tune-Up

$174.00 Value
$25 OFF When you Schedule Online
  • Clean Heat Exchanger
  • Inspection of Heat Exchanger
  • Check/Replace Oil Nozzle**
  • Check/Replace Oil Filter**
  • Check Electrodes
  • Oil Smoke Test
  • Clean Combustion Chamber
  • Check Electrical Wiring
  • Check Amp Draws on Motors
  • Check Blower Compartment
  • Vacuum if Needed
  • Test Run Furnace
  • Check Thermostat
  • Clean Work Area
Includes FREE Oil Smoke Test
** Additional Charge Applies
for replacement of nozzle/filter.
Air Conditioner
Cleaning & Tune-Up

Retail: $124.00
No longer scheduling due to temps.
  • Verify Operation of A/C
  • Check drain for Obstructions
  • Visual Check of Blower
  • Check Air Filter
  • Verify Refrigerant Pressures
  • Check Electrical Wiring
  • Check Contactor
  • Clear Debris (if needed)
  • Clean Exterior (Eco-Clean Blast)
  • Test Operating Pressures
  • Take Temperature Drop
  • Take Amp Draw on Equipment
  • Adjust Refrigerant if Needed**
  • Clean Indoor Coil if Needed**
  • Clean Work Area
Includes Condensor Cleaning
** Additional Charge Applies
Humidifier Tune-Up
While we're there price.
  • Remove water pad.
  • Clean calcium/lime build up.
  • Test-run Solenoid
  • Verify Proper Water Flow
  • Check Saddle Valve
  • Replace Water Pad**
** Additional Charge
$14.95 for Water Pad Replacement
Gas Water Heater
While we're there price.
  • Pull burner out.
  • Clean the burner.
  • Vacuum Combustion Chamber
  • Check Thermocouple
  • Check Ignitor
  • Combustion Test
Oil Water Heaters and Tankless Water Heaters are additional due to more work required for a proper cleaning to be done. See us for estimate.
Ventilator Tune-Up
While we're there price.
  • Open and Clean Out.
  • Test Run
  • Check Wiring
  • Replace Filter (if needed)**
** Additional Charge
If filter replacement is needed.
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