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Office Hours: 8am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri (excluding holidays)
Are you experiencing problems with your Heating or Cooling equipment? Set up a service call! A service call is a visit by a technician to address and solve a problem. This form is intended for regular hours service. If you need service after hours or on the weekends or holiday please call and speak with our answering service (920) 734-1436.
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If you're experiencing problems with your air conditioners, let us know the following (where possible) in the box above.

  1. Is the outside unit turning on?
  2. If it is not do you hear humming like it is trying to start?
  3. Do you notice any water on the floor downstairs by the furnace?
  4. Have you changed your filter on the furnace recently? (Dirty filters can cause an A/C to ice up)
  5. Did you check the batteries in your Thermostat? (low batteries can cause strange problems)
  6. Are you getting any air flow from your ducts (if blower is on), if not your AC may be iced up.

IMPORTANT: If you see frost on the copper lines for your air conditioner or frost on coil inside (sits above the furnace) turn off the system immediately. We need the system to be thawed before we work on it and adjust the refrigerant.

How critical is this call?

If this is an Emergency outside of our office hours (Weekends or after 4:30PM Mon-Fri) please call in your service call to (920) 734-1436. You can get directly connected to our local answering service that can relay information to our on call technician.

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!!IMPORTANT!! Due to the amount of service calls we handle on a daily basis it is very hard to lock down a specific time unless it's scheduled a few days in advance. In situations with no heat or no cooling we try our absolute best to get there the same day where possible, but when they open up is hard to gauge. If you need lead time we can do that but anything more than 30 minutes is rough to plan around. A technician will call you from their mobile device, if you see a local number please answer it, it may not be from our 920-734-1436 number!

Service Call Charges: During Business Hours: $85, After Hours/Weekends: $159, Holidays $199 (Repairs are Additional)

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