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Thermostats have changed in the recent years, from what we are used to. We carry WiFi Thermostats as well as Programmable and Non-Programmable Thermostats. If you have a garage heater we carry a Thermostat designed to go down into low temperature applications from Pro1.

If you're looking to install yourself, consider purchasing from us! We give you free phone support if you run into problems or need assistance. We also handle warranty locally. Chain stores typically require you to ship the thermostat back after 30 days for a manufacturer warranty. You can bring it in for a counter swap for the warranty period.

If you have any questions on what we offer do not hesitate to give us a call at (920) 734-1436, use our contact form or email service@cwgoodguys.com for more assistance.

Internet Connected Thermostats

Honeywell T6 Pro
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Geofencing using App
  • Fully Programmable
  • 5 Year Part Warranty
  • Simple Operation

Standard Thermostats

Single Stage
  • Single Stage Heating
  • Single Stage Cooling
  • 7, 5/2 or Non-Programmable
  • Hardwire or Battery Option
  • 5 Year Part Warranty

Two Stage
  • Two Stage Heating
  • Two Stage Cooling
  • Auxillary Heat Option
  • 7, 5/2 or Non-Programmable
  • Hardware or Battery Option
  • 5 Year Part Warranty

  • Single Stage Heating
  • Single Stage Cooling
  • Auxillary Heat Option
  • Non-Programmable Only
  • Hardware or Battery Option
  • 5 Year Part Warranty

Low Temperature
  • Single Unit Operation
  • Non-Programmable
  • Can be set as low as 25F
  • Can be set as high as 90F
  • Perfect for Garage Heaters

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