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Orion Ion Generator

The Orion Ion Generator

The Orion is the most powerful positive and negative ionizer we have come across. It works at a molecular level to remove indoor air pollution not captured by filters alone. It has real noticeable results. This has multiple benefits to your home or business.

Benefits of the Orion

Like a thunderstorm, it purifies the air through the release of positive and negative ions that electically charge the components of air contamination. Very small particulates like smoke and dust cluster together and fall out of the air. Clusters are also able to be captured by an Air Filter, which normally would have passed through.

The electrical charges cause the molecules of common household odors and organic components to be neutralized or broken up leaving theair fresh and clean smelling (the same freshness you notice after a thunderstorm). When the ions contact bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces, it destroys their membranes which disinfects the air.

When combined with a good high quality air filter, you increase the effectiveness. Because dust and particulates cling together your air filter is going to catch a lot more in it. It can shorten the life of the filter a bit, but only because it's making your filter work that much better!

Features of the Orion

The Orion is 3X more powerful than other Ion Generators, with a 5 year part warranty, 1 year labor warranty. It has a durable stainless steel construction. Silent, unobtrusive and whole house effective. (Important: It is silent to most, but as high voltage equipment can do, there is a tone that this produces. Younger people who can hear the higher frequencies can notice this. When we install this into the duct work versus mounting on the side of the equipment, it quiets it right down.)

What does it help with?

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Installed price is $349. We stand behind it, as we do all our products, we a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, we do not want you to keep it. We sell the Orion and the UVPhotoMAX because it works. We stand behind the technology, and we have heard wonderful stories from our customers about how these have helped them.


It's a good idea when we are going through and servicing your equipment for us to clean the brushes on your Orion system. Even when the brushes are dirty they are still very effective, but cleaning on an annual basis (or more often) is recommended. If you want to clean them yourself, go right ahead but be sure you turn the orion off for a minute prior to doing it, due to chance of an unexpected static shock.

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