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Ductless Systems

Do you have radiant/boiler heat in your house? Do you have electric heat and looking for a more efficient way to heat? Do you have that part of your house that has been a problem to keep cool or warm? Mitsubishi solves this with their Split Ductless Heat Pump Air Conditioner.

What is Split-Ductless?

Split Ductless means that the system, much like a Central Air Conditioner is split into to portions, the outside condenser and the indoor coil. The indoor coil is what conditions the air inside and the outside condenser exhausts and contains the compressor.

What is a Heat Pump?

A Heat Pump is essentially an Air Conditioner that can reverse how it works. An Air Conditioner will separate the hot and cold air with use of refrigerant. It will cool down, and take the heat from the house and transfer it to the outside condenser, if you're ever by an Air Conditioner outside during the summer you'll feel a lot of heat being exhausted.

To run as in Heat Pump mode, there is a specialized reversing valve that can start with the outside coil, to take heat out of the outside air and bring it inside. It's hard to believe that in -10F that there is heat to be pulled, but Mitsubishi mini-split units that have Hyper Heat can do it, and they do it well, and cheaper than typical natural gas rates.

Product Features

Here are a few key points we find important.

Inverter Driven Compressor

Mitsubishi Mini-Splits feature a high efficiency inverter driven compressor that can operate exactly at the speed needed to cool or heat. Inverter technology has allowed Air Conditioner systems to get beyond the 18 SEER rating, and push up to and past 27 SEER rating. To put this in perspective most central air conditioners we install today vary between 13 and 16 SEER.

Multi-Unit Configuration

If you have multiple locations that you wish for cooling and heating, Mitsubishi Mini-Splits can be set up to have multiple inside "heads" attached to one outside condenser. In residential they have 4 to 1 systems and in their commercial line feature 16 to 1 systems.

Individual Zone Control

Each zone is fully independent. Each inside unit has separate temperature control and allows you to operate it independently from the other units in the home. You can pinpoint comfort without running the system to cover parts of the home that do not need it, saving you more in energy costs.

Really Quiet Operation

When compared to other Air Conditioners which are in the 70db range, the mitsubishi runs only at the speed needed to deliver the cooling or heating to an area. The outdoor fan on the condenser only comes on when it needs to and at the exact speed required. All that comes down to one of the quietest air conditioner / heat pumps on the planet. Seeing in believing, we have a showroom model that is operational. Stop in and we will turn it on, see how quiet it is.

Amazing Warranty

Because we stay up to date with training from Mitsubishi they extend to our customers 12 Years Parts & Compressor warranty on the systems we install. They know that we are up to date and understand how to properly install and set up the mini-split systems.

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