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Whole Home Humidifiers

500 Series Automatic
Installed Price: $475
  • Bypass Style Humidifier
  • Up to 12 Gallons per day
  • Auto-adjusts to conditions
  • Great for homes < 2,000 sqft

600 Series Automatic
Installed Price: $525
  • Bypass Style Humidifier
  • Up to 17 Gallons per day
  • Auto-adjusts to conditions
  • Great for homes < 3,000 sqft

700 Series Automatic
Installed Price: $625
  • Powered Humidifier
  • Up to 18 Gallons per day
  • Auto-adjusts to conditions
  • Great for homes >3,000 sqft

Why is proper humidity important?

Most importantly, proper humidity levels in both the summer and winter are important to your overall health. In the winter it is crucial to keep your humidity in a proper range. If your home gets too dry you run into problems like...

What does "Automatic" mean?

When talking about humidifiers, automatic control means it is adjusting the set point for your humidity levels based on outdoor temperatures. Prior to this technology you would have to adjust the humidity levels or else you would run into condensation on all the windows and glass doors. Instead of setting humidity to a certain percentage, you find a number that works for your house and it will adapt for you.

The control that we used to put by the thermostat is now installed on the duct work by the furnace. It contains a duct work sensor and we also install an outdoor temperature sensor outside. Between those two sensors it means you can set and forget, outside of regular water panel changes.

What maintenance is required?

For maintenance on your humidifier it is recommended to replace your water panel at least once per year. In certain areas where the water is hard you may need to do this more often. The control will automatically start blinking to replace the water panel after a certain amount of hours in operation.

To reset the light turn the knob all the way past the highest amount, you will feel it click over into what we call "test mode". After about 5 seconds the green light will start to blink, you can then return the knob to the number you had it set to. That reset the counter for the pad replacement.

The system will continue to operate with that light blinking, it is only a courtesy reminder for you.

It's also recommended to clean out the tray when replacing the pad, and to occasionally flush some water mixed with bleach down the drain to help clean it. This is a good thing to do with your Air Conditioner and Furnace drain too.

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