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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 4/10/2017

Introduction: Christensen & Wisnet has always been a honest, open company when it comes to how we operate. When it comes to your privacy we take several approaches to keep your information safe. This is done with a combination of 1) Special Hardware, 2) Intelligent Coding 3) Need to Know Basis Access.

Summary: We do collect and store some information but we do our best to keep it at a minimum and never store financial information on any of our servers. The information we store would be Name, Address, City, State, Zipcode, Phone Numbers, Email which is used for the purpose of contacting you if needed. With our customer portal system where you can view your service history the information is fetched using a secured tunnel. With our online scheduling systems everything is written to databases in our office directly and are not stored anywhere on the 'cloud'.


TLS Technology: To keep all information safe when you're working on our website, the entire website is forced TLS (also known as "HTTPS" or "SSL"). Information between you and our servers are encrypted end-to-end to stop man in the middle interaction. This is something that is not required but in today's world for non-financial related transactions, but we feel by having our entire site secured it is proactive approach and encouraging proactive approach to security.

Secured Databases: All of our databases are protected with very strong passwords and are not publicly accessible from the internet. They are private and only accessible by select machines through our proprietary API (Advanced Programming Interface).

Need to know Access: Access to our systems is limited to those who depend on the system, those who do not need to see your information does not have access to it, simple as that.

Third Party Scanned: We have a third party security firm scan our servers and attempt to penetrate and/or find vulnrabilities on a regular basis. This is a great check to ensure we are on top of security concerns.


Just Business: We do not sell, trade or transfer your information to third party companies. We do however need to give your information over to certain companies such as Warranty companies for the purpose of registering, checking or getting reimbursed by a warranty program, or for the purpose of ordering a part. We also disclose to local companies for the use of seasonal mailings (Spring and Fall). Emails collected are used for occasional emailing, with easy removal if you do not wish for the messages.

Built for Safety

Being Realistic: While we know it's literally impossible to stop every possible method of data breaches, we built our systems with a focus on limiting access to information by only those that need it. A majority of our systems were written by our software development division. The software were written from scratch and without many frameworks. We have full control over our code

From The Ground Up: All of our features on our website and most of our internal day to day software was written specifically for us, by us. We put security first before features. If we cannot offer a feature safely we will not offer it. We have internal blocks and alerts of attempted breaches.


If you have any questions or concerns about how your information is saved with us please don't hesitate to ask.

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