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Privacy Policy & Practices

Last Updated 8/29/2017

Introduction: Christensen & Wisnet cares deeply about your privacy. We take multiple steps to help ensure the safety and privacy of our customers. This is accomplished by 1) Specialized Hardware, 2) Intelligent Coding, and 3) Need to Know Access.

Summary: We do collect and store information about our customers as it is needed to do business. Customer databases are securely stored and we do not store financial information on our servers. Information we keep are Name, Address, City, State, ZipCode, Phone Numbers and Email (if applicable). By using our self service portal you're getting information from our databases through a secured tunnel and are not stored anywhere on the cloud. They are stored on equipment fully owned and operated by Christensen & Wisnet, Incorporated.

Secure Connections

Part of our attention to detail when it comes to privacy is putting all transactions through TLS. Before it was common on the internet we started forcing encryption on our website understanding that this was the future of the web. Today we have all subdomains of our website supporting encryption and all of our proprietary apps are served by a signed certificate.

Our databases are secured with strong passwords are not directly accessible from the outside unless through a secured tunnel with extremely limited and monitored access via that method.

We limit access to files and services based on a need to know basis. This helps protect us from basic accounts being compromised, they will not have access to important files.

We do regular penetration tests on our servers and firewalls to make sure we stay up to date. Systems are regularly patched.


For the purpose of marketing we will need to occasionally send your information to third parties for the purpose of sending out mail, or for the purpose of collection. These are companies we have built a business relationship with and are local. We trust them to handle this information as it is part of their business.

Proprietary Solutions

Most of our applications we use in regular day-to-day operation, including the self-services online are designed in house by Dan Christensen (on behalf of Christensen & Wisnet, Incorporated). The framework, the code base, tamper detection, etc are all coded internally. There is a perk to this that standard scans for exploits from bots around the net will not discover any problems as we do not use a cookie cutter solution like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc...

Being Realistic

While we try very hard to develop systems are have a great deal of protection and safety we cannot guarantee protection. Any company that does is being unrealistic. If the past decade of cyber attacks have proved anything it is that no company is safe. You can only hedge your bets with proper protocols and not making stupid mistakes when it comes to security. We will continue to do our best to stay ahead of the curve and keep your information safe.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions as to the privacy and how we handle information please contact us. You can email us at info@cwgoodguys.com or you can call us at (920) 734-1436 and ask for Dan.

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