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The Troubleshooter

If you're experiencing problems with your furnace we can help you try to eliminate potential problems and possibly saving you a service call to your home. Before you get started be sure that you checked the following.

Gas Furnace

My furnace is running very loudly but is still heating.

My furnace tries to start but the flame only stays on for a few seconds.

My furnace tries to start but all I hear is the exhaust blower try, and it keeps restarting.

My furnace blower will not shut off.

My furnace has water all over the floor.

Oil Furnace

I ran out of oil, got refilled and now the furnace will not start.

Air Conditioner

My A/C is not blowing cold air.

My A/C is buzzing very loudly outside.

My A/C is not working I hear a quiet hum on outside condenser.

My A/C not cooling, a lot of condensation on ducts by furnace.

The copper lines from A/C to furnace are icing up.


Humidifier "On" but no water flow.

Change Water Pad light on but I changed pad.

The Drain line is very dirty.


The "change UV light" is blinking and chirping.

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