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Air Conditioner Repair

If you're here, you're probably experiencing a problem with your Air Conditioner. That's no fun, especially if it's toasty out. We want to get your AC up and running again. This page contains helpful information about our pricing as well as ways you can check to see if you can fix it yourself (if you want).

What equipment do you work on?

We work primarily on residential equipment, but we do also work on light commercial. We work on Central Air Conditioners by nearly all manufacturers and work on most Mini-Split Air Conditioners. Our technicians support R22 and R410A refrigerants which is the kinds used in 99.9% of all A/Cs.

We do not work on Window Air Conditioners, nor Sleeve Air Conditioners. Those are more of an appliance and very rarely are they service friendly. We recommend contacting an appliance dealer in those cases.

How much is a service call?

A service call during regular business hours is $85. That is the cost for us to get a highly trained technician in a fully stocked truck to your home. Our regular hours are 8AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday. If you call in the evenings or on the weekends the cost for a service call is $159. Please note, we do not service Air Conditioners after sunset or when it's raining (for safety reasons). Schedule a Service Call Online.

Is there anything I can do?

Depending on what is going on with the Air Conditioner, there is most certainly things you can do to eliminate possible problems. We want to save you a service call wherever possible!

Is water dripping down by the furnace?

This can be from the Furnace drain line being backed up. The Air Conditioner can cause a lot of condensate. Try popping off the drain line on your furnace and blowing through it. That will help clear any blockage.

This can also be because your Air Conditioner drain pan (which sits above the furnace in most cases) may have dust blocking the exit on it. above the furnace you should see something where the drain line connects to. Undo the plastic adaptor if you can and insert a pencil or something like that into the port and wiggle it around, it should free up any blockage.

This can also be due to a freeze-up of the Air Conditioner coil. If you see a lot of condensation on the duct work above your furnace that may be the case. This can be from a few things, first check to see if the filter is dirty. Make sure to keep your filter replacements on a regular schedule. If the filter is blocked, turn off the system at the thermostat and let the freezeup melt off. This can take quite a few hours, so be patient.

If the filter is not dirty and it is freezing up you could be low on refrigerant which requires someone (hopefully us!) to come and adjust the refrigerant.

Is your system not blowing any cold air?

This is most likely a problem that we will need to get involved with. If the outside unit is running (and the fan spinning) and you're not getting barely any (or no) cooling this is most likely related to refrigerant charges. We have the tools and equipment to get that adjusted. Just know that if the system leaked it will do it again. We recommend talking to your technician to get a game plan for the future.

If the outdoor unit is buzzing and not spinning outside this is most likely due to a run capacitor has failed. That is a capacitor used to start up the Air Conditioner. Without that the system gets power but not enough to start up (which is why it's buzzing). We do sell these parts over the counter if you wish to do this yourself. We also are guys ready to go and replace these for you. We do not recommend working on the inside of the air conditioner unless you have a knowledge in electronics and shut off the equipment before working with it.

Is your Air Conditioner not turning on at all?

This can be due to wiring, mice or rodents could have found their way into your air conditioners and gnawed on the wires. If you haven't yet, check the batteries on your thermostat. (Smart thermostats usually don't have batteries they are supplied power by your furnace). We recommend replacing batteries every year. Even if "Low Battery" isn't hit it still could be low enough to not function properly (we see it ALL THE TIME!). Check and make sure the breakers are all turned on down in your breaker panel (usually in the basement) and check that the light switch on the furnace is turned on (could have been accidentally shut off)

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If you have a question or need some guidance that is what we are here for. Our office staff has several knowledgeable people ready to help you with your questions and to tell you their honest opinions on topics. There are several ways to contact us.

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